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Article 1 - Goals and Objectives

Article 2 - Membership Categories

Article 3 - Officers

Article 4 - Executive Council

Article 5 - Meetings

Article 6 - Committees

Article 7 - Bylaws and Amendments

Article 8 - Dues

Article 9 - Parliamentary Procedure

Article 1 - Goals and objectives

The goals and objectives of the Society of Canadian Colposcopists are to:

a) Strive for the provision of the highest quality of care in the prevention, detection and treatment of benign and premalignant abnormalities of the lower genital tract.

b) Recommend and strengthen the basic standards in the training program in colposcopy and associated treatment modalities.

c) Develop and recommend clinical practice guidelines for colposcopy.

d) Encourage basic, clinical and epidemiologic research, in colposcopy and preinvasive lower genital tract disease.

e) Provide a forum for inter-disciplinary presentation, discussion, and publication of scientific inquiry into colposcopy and preinvasive lower genital tract disease.

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Article 2 - Membership Categories

The Society shall be composed of four categories of membership:

Active, Associate, Retired Life and Honorary

  1. Active Membership

All Active members shall consist of medical doctors who have displayed a particular interest in and knowledge of cervical diseases and thus are capable of and willing to assist the Society in attaining its goals and purposes.  Active membership within the Society carries the responsibility that, if requested by the Provincial Regional Colposcopy Program where applicable, he or she will become involved in that program.

Active members must:

i) have obtained their certification in either

a)Obstetrics and Gynaecology (in Canada or outside Canada)

b)Family Medicine

c)Other speciality


ii) have successfully completed a recognized training program in colposcopy and its related treatment methods as outlined in the Document on Training Requirements by the Society


been a member prior to December 30, 1990.

Active membership privileges

  • Right to vote
  • Payment of annual dues
  • Rght to hold administrative office
  • Receipt of all correspondence pertaining to the functions of the Society
  1. Associate Membership

Include residents, physicians and other health professionals who have an interest and commitment to the practice and science of colposcopy.

Associate members shall:

  • Have reduced annual membership fee
  • Not have voting rights
  • Not hold an executive position
  1. Retired Life Membership

Members of the Society of Canadian Colposcopists who have retired from active practice may enter this category upon written request. Retired Life members:

  • May attend all meetings and will continue to receive the Society's semi-annual newsletter.
  • Shall not have voting privileges
  • Shall not pay membership dues
  • Shall not hold administrative office
  1. Honorary Membership

Persons may be considered for membership in this category in recognition of:

  • Being a (keynote) guest speaker at the Society’s Annual Scientific Sessions
  • Being an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to colposcopy in Canada

In this category, the name of an individual being considered for Honorary Membership must be proposed, in writing, by an Active member of the Society and voted upon by the Executive.  

An individual within this category shall:

  • Receive correspondence pertaining to notices of the Annual Scientific Sessions.
  • Not pay dues
  • Not have voting privileges
  • Not hold administrative office

Application for Membership

The written request for membership, must be accompanied by endorsement by one current Active member of the Society and include a copy of the curriculum vitae of the candidate. These documents must be forwarded to the Membership Committee. Membership will be immediate upon approval by the Membership Committee.

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Article 3 - Officers

Section A – President

The President shall be the Executive Officer of the Society, preside at the annual or special meetings and at the meetings of the Executive Council and serve two years.

Section B – President-Elect

The President-Elect will act as Vice-President and in the absence of the President; preside at meetings of the Society and of the Executive Council.  The President-Elect shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, serve for a term of two years and then automatically succeed to the office of the President.

Section C – Secretary-Treasurer

The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

  • Maintain a register of names, addresses and membership status of all members
  • conduct all official correspondence of the society
  • Keep the records of the Annual Meeting and meetings of the Executive Council
  • Keep the financial records and make all collections and distributions
  • Submit a financial report to the Executive Council at the end of each fiscal year
  • Serve a term of three years with option of renewal

Section D – Election of Officers

  • Nominations will be made by the Nominating Committee.  The official slate of officers and members at large proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be circulated to the entire voting membership by mail at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member in good standing at the Annual Meeting.
  • The nominee for an office obtaining a simple majority of votes cast by the voting membership at the Annual Meeting shall be elected provided there is a quorum of at least 25 members.

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Article 4 - Executive Council

The Executive Council shall consist of:

  • The President
  • The immediate Past-President
  • The President-Elect
  • The Secretary-Treasurer
  • Four Members at Large
  • Membership Committee Chair
  • Bylaws Committee Chair
  • Program Education Committee Chair

Officers and Members at Large shall be elected every two years at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote of at least 25 active members present and voting.   The Executive Council shall conduct the activities of the Society and shall convene for such purpose at its discretion, except that it shall meet at least once every year at time of the Annual Meeting.

Action by the Executive Council arrived at by correspondence or telephone conference shall be valid as though the Executive Council had actually assembled.  A quorum shall consist of at least three members of the Council.  Any vacancy among the officers or members of the Council that occurs between the Annual Meetings shall be filled by appointment by the President and ratified by the Executive Council.

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Article 5 - Meetings

Section A – Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting shall be held the day preceding the first full day of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada Annual Clinical Meeting unless otherwise designated by the Executive Council.

Section B – Notice of Meetings

Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be sent to all members at least 30 days before the meeting.

Section C – Quorum at Annual Meetings

The Active members in attendance at the business meetings shall be sufficient to institute a quorum by the transaction of business and for this Society consists of 25 Active Members.

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Article 6 - Committees

Section A – Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall consist of three or more Active members in good standing appointed for a two year period and voted on at the Annual Meeting.  The Membership Committee shall be responsible for upholding the membership standards set forth by the By-Laws.  The Committee shall review and approve all applications for membership and if standards are met, present the names at the Society’s Annual Meeting.

Section B – Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of four Active members of the Society.  The Past President shall be Chairman of the Committee and the remaining three members shall be one immediate Past-President and two Active Members at Large appointed by the current President of the Society.

When necessary and for whatever reason, the current President may appoint any Active member of the Society to serve on the Nominating Committee in order to have five persons on the Committee.  They shall propose a slate of candidates for officers of the Society and for membership on the Executive Council.  These candidates shall be presented to the members of the Society at the Annual Meeting.

Section C – Program Education Committee

The Program Education Committee shall consist of three of more members recommended to the President by the Nominating Committee.  The Program Education Committee shall be responsible for the entire Scientific Program of the regular meetings and shall develop and promote educational activities of the Society.  The Secretary-Treasurer is to be a member of this Committee (ex-officio).

Section D – The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consist of three members appointed by the Nominating Committee and recommended to the President and shall:

  • Review the financing of the Society and make recommendations to the membership
  • Audit the finances of the Society annually prior to the Annual Meeting
  • Ensure that the Society’s books be audited every three years.  The Secretary-Treasurer will be a member of this Committee (ex-officio)

Article 7 - Bylaws and Amendments

The Bylaws Committee will review and formulate any amendments as proposed by an Committee of the Society or by any three or more Active members which must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer at least 90 days before the Annual Meeting.   All amendments to the Bylaws, as proposed by the Bylaw Committee, must be circulated to all Active members of the Society at least 30 days before the Annual Meeting.  Adoption should require an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of the members eligible to vote who are present at the meeting or who vote by proxy.

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Article 8 - Dues

Section A – Annual Dues

Annual dues shall be payable by each Active member including the year of initiation on a prorated quarterly basis.  The amount shall be fixed by the Executive Council.  Failure to pay dues after three notices within six months will result in loss of membership.

Section B – Fiscal Year

The dates of the fiscal year shall be the twelfth month ending on March 31st.

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Article 9 - Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedures shall be according to “Robert’s Rules of Order”, the most recent edition.

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