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The Society shall be composed of four categories of membership:

Active, Associate, Retired Life and Honorary

Active Membership

All Active members shall consist of medical doctors who have displayed a particular interest in and knowledge of cervical diseases and thus are capable of and willing to assist the Society in attaining its goals and purposes.  Active membership within the Society carries the responsibility that, if requested by the Provincial Regional Colposcopy Program where applicable, he or she will become involved in that program.

Active members must:

i) have obtained their certification in either

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (in Canada or outside of Canada)
  • Family Medicine
  • other speciality


ii) have successfully completed a recognized training program in colposcopy and its related treatment methods as outlined in the Document on Training Requirements by the Society


been a member prior to December 30, 1990.

Active membership privileges

  • Right to vote
  • Payment of annual dues
  • Right to hold administrative office
  • Receipt of all correspondence pertaining to the functions of the Society

Associate Membership

Include residents, physicians and other health professionals who have an interest and commitment to the practice and science of colposcopy.

Associate members shall:

  • Have reduced annual membership fee
  • Not have voting rights
  • Not hold an executive position.

Retired Life Membership

Members of the Society of Canadian Colposcopists who have retired from active practice may enter this category upon written request. Retired Life members:

  • May attend all meetings and will continue to receive the Society's semi-annual newsletter.
  • Shall not have voting privileges
  • Shall not pay membership dues
  • Shall not hold administrative office

Honorary Membership

Persons may be considered for membership in this category in recognition of:

  • Being a (keynote) guest speaker at the Society’s Annual Scientific Sessions
  • Being an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to colposcopy in Canada

In this category, the name of an individual being considered for Honorary Membership must be proposed, in writing, by an Active member of the Society and voted upon by the Executive.

An individual within this category will:

  • Receive correspondence pertaining to notices of the Annual Scientific Sessions.
  • Not pay dues
  • Not have voting privileges
  • Not hold administrative office