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E-Learning Modules


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Colposcopy Training CDs and Books for Sale

The Society of Canadian Colposcopists now has learning CDs available to SCC and Non-SCC members. The CDs have been reviewed by members of the Executive for suitability and quality. They are useful for self-directed learning, resident teaching and CME lecturing. PowerPoint Viewer is included. It is not necessary to have Microsoft’s PowerPoint program to view the modules.  The CDs are suitable for viewing on monitors, as well as projecting by LCD projector on large screens.

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1. Understanding Cervical Colposcopy CD-ROM in PowerPoint format

by Dr. V. Cecil Wright. This CD has 240 very high quality colpophotographs. A complete learning package on colposcopy of the cervix.

2. 100 Case Colposcopy Challenge: Cervix, Vagina, Vulva, and Adjacent Sites CD-ROM in PowerPoint format by Dr. V. Cecil Wright.

This CD has over 150 colpophotographs with cytology and histology correlates for many cases. This is useful as a test of your own or your trainees’ colposcopic skills as well as a review of important topics in modern diagnosis.

3. Interpreting Blood Vessel Patterns In Colposcopy by analysis of 92 true colpophotographs in a Powerpoint presentation by V. Cecil Wright. There are 113 frames and some histological images and schematics are included.

4. Carbon Dioxide Laser Surgery for Lower Genital Tract Disease CD-ROM in PowerPoint format by Dr. V. Cecil Wright. This CD contains 246 frames (text, schematics, colpo and macrophotographs) in a power point presentation. This CD is intended for resident teaching and update those physicians who perform carbon dioxide laser surgery for lower genital tract disease. The CD is based upon the peer reviewed literature and the author's (VCW) more than 20,000 laser procedures.

5. Essentials of Colposcopic Interpretation: Cervix, Vagina & Vulva in a PowerPoint presentation by Dr. V. Cecil Wright and Dr. R. Michael Shier. This CD covers virtually the entire spectrum of lower genital tract disease seen colposcopically and its investigation. It contains 723 high quality descriptive images (642 true colpophotographs, 14 photos, 17 cytology, 30 histology, 20 schematics) in a power point presentation. This CD is excellent for self learning, resident teaching and updating those physicians who perform colposcopy.

6. Diseases and Abnormalities of the Vulva, Vagina and Adjacent Sites - CD-ROM in PPP by Dr. Cecile Wright with co-contributors S.C. Peter Bryson, Clemente Moreno Collado, Paul D. Indman, Christopher D. McKinney, Leonora Chavez Mercado, Richard Moore, John L. Powell, Teresita M.R. Rojas S. and R. Michael Shier. This CD contains 597 frames (416 high quality illustrative images - no cervigrams) in many cases supportive histology in a Powerpoint presentation.